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Our Bios

The inspiration

The inspiration started after Patricia went to a reading of 5 10min plays by The 365 Women a Year NYC Group which Kendra was involved in. Something had to be done with the stories of all those many women forgotten by history. We thought they had to be heard and seen in a full production. As the project started developing it became influenced by our own experiences as working actresses. We realized that there were so many other people not well represented in the media and therefore ultimately stereotyped, forgotten or delegated as part of the background. That is when we decided to produce an internationally inclusive project that welcomes and celebrates the reality we are living. One where people of all sizes, colors, cultures, accents exist and live wholly and fully.

About us and How we met

Kendra says…..It was a spiritual connection for me. There are people you meet and it's like your souls knew each other before. It was like we had been friends before. There are so many people you meet in life, but having someone who wants to be your friend, who wants to be in your presence makes you feel connected. After HB, she said "keep in touch" which is what everyone says after plays or school ends, but how many people mean it or do it? She was a woman of her word and so am I. Then she introduced me to MCS studio which was an amazing four weeks which led me to a breakdown that nearly a year after has led me to a breakthrough.This breakthrough has allowed me to be the person she needs as her partner to make this festival happen. I've met so many people throughout the years who are like "Let's do something. Let's make things happen." And then nothing happens. But, Patricia said it, and she meant it, and I meant it too.

Patricia says….She looked friendly, yet shy, and her performance in class was one of the best ones. I remember my first scene with her, the scene was happening in a party, she gave me a ¨glass of wine¨ she wasn´t drinking and I wanted to make it look real so I did, silly me! As I was swallowing I felt something, then I saw the dust and maybe tiny hairs floating in the water. That was my first lesson about props. 
Our talks after class were about wanting something more, maybe feeling more and I recommended her a class with Isaac Byrne at Matthew Corozine Studio. He removes your shields and gets to your core in a very gentle way. She loved it.
She was the only one calling me to do stuff after the class ended, she came to most of my performances, and little by little this happened. I could say she’s my twin sister. 

Patricia Cardona Roca

Patricia is an actress and singer born and raised in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. She studied at Universitat de les Illes Balears where she was part of Orfeó UIB (University Choir), after she received her Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Engineering she moved to The Netherlands to work in the IT  and telecom industries, in The Netherlands she graduated as a Yoga Teacher. During these years she performed as a singer in several venues like Factoria de So and Auditorium de Palma in Mallorca and in De Heeren Van Aemstel, Amsterdam University and Panama Club in The Netherlands. In June 2014 she moved to NYC to become a full time performer and producer. Since arriving to NYC she's graduated from the Intensive Musical Theater program at The New York Film Academy, On-Camera intensive in American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the One Year Conservatory Program in T. Schreiber, Musical Theater Improv at The Magnet and Acting the Song in HB studio where she has studied with Emmy and Tony Award and nominees. As an actress roles include Cora Groves in The Rimers of Eldritch directed by Peter Jensen and Aggie and Margery in The Dining Room directed by Robert Verlaque both at T.Schreiber Theater, at Dixon´s Place as Otto in Dying is an Art directed by Kendra Augustin and Don´t Miss the Boat Musical Revue at QED directed by Sharon Jasprizza. More info @

Kendra Augustin

Kendra Augustin is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida born and raised actress and playwright. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Nova Southeastern University.In 2013 she moved to New York City. Since  her move to the city her one act All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go, which she directed, wrote, and produced became part of The Thespis Theater Festival, her ten minute play, Stranger, directed by Daphnie Sicre, as part of the Stage Black Festival won best play, director, and lead actress. Her plays have had readings at The Classical Theatre of Harlem, Playwrights at the Grand, National Action Network, The Sheen Center, and Dixon Place. As an actress she has played a murderer in Shakespeare's Richard III, Butterfly McQueen in Barbara Khan's Hollywood Butterfly, and a Spanish and English speaking grandmother in Caroline Castro's LUB. She also has studied  at The People's Improv Theater, Matthew Corozine Studio, and Stella Adler.

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